Nuisance Barking

Nuisance barking is when a dog barks at those things that do not prove a threat to the homeowner.  You may be at work and not realise there is a problem until your neighbours suddenly refuse to speak to you, you get a letter of complaint from the council, a fine or eventually even  having to leave your home or rehome your dog.  A good “watch dog” knows the appropriate time to warn you of danger, not one that barks at everything that moves.  Basically, a happy, contented, relaxed dog does not bark unless there is something serious to bark at or has been encouraged to do so from early on. It’s therefore important to find out the reasons why your dog is barking.

Common Reasons for Barking

  • To call the pack back
  • If they feel insecure
  • Excitement or frustration
  • To warn potential intruders or others to go away
  • Lack of good quality nutrients
  • If they’ve been encouraged to do so

When we are called in to help with a barking problem, we look at treating the source of the issue holistically, the reason WHY the dog is barking. There is nothing to be gained from addressing the symptom alone, so with a careful and a thorough investigation of all the circumstances and possible “triggers”  we are able change the behaviour and completely cure the barking using our unique Bark Busters behaviour training system.