Brand new leather shoes, reading glasses, remote controls and mobile phone are just a few of the items that dogs like to steal and chew as well as your lunchtime sandwich!  Dogs have been known to chew through doors, eat plaster as well as electric cables which can cause serious problems for your dog; splinters of wood, shards of plastic, blockage of the digestive system, electric shocks, not to mention the poisonous effects of generic human painkillers.  In addition, having just planted out your garden you find that all the new plants, shrubs and pots strewn around the garden as your dog has decided to hone his own gardening skills!  All rather worrying as well as being expensive and annoying.

Some of the destructive behaviours may be linked to Separation Anxiety, but often it’s just the dogs’ natural need to chew that prompts the behaviour. In younger dogs especially it is important that this need is satisfied and chew toys are often just not enough. Discovering the cause of the dogs’ behaviour is paramount, so that the appropriate programme of training and advice can be put in place and your bank balance kept in the black!