This is a very frustrating and sometimes costly problem for a dog owner and can be so severe that it can damage family and neighbourly relationships.  Owners can end up not being able to leave their dog at all, shopping, socialising, going to work can be a major feat of organisation;  getting a dog sitter, taking the dog to friends, parents or neighbours, taking the dog in the car (impossible in hot weather) otherwise on their return they can be greeted by destruction, puddles (or worse) with neighbours complaining of the whining, howling or barking.  Owners, of course, become upset because they realise the dog is desperately unhappy and without help, may end up giving up a beloved pet for rehoming. Separation Anxiety is not limited to age, breed or size, but is often seen in rescue dogs, especially those that have been strays and is more common in dogs with a nervous, timid or fearful disposition.

This issue can take a good deal of detective work to discover the underlying cause or causes of the distress.  A detailed history, full investigation of current arrangements, assessment of temperament, details of any illness and more, will ultimately allow us to find the perfect new regime to overcome the mental anguish suffered by both.